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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photoshoot Take 1

So the band had an amazing photoshoot planned this past Thursday but Christopher (guitar & vocals) got horribly sick. :( But Melody and I still had some fun with the photos.. When it's just us we call ourselves "Romeo & Lassie". I know it sounds weird, but "Romeo" is the name of my violin, and "Lassie" is hers. Yes, I name all of my important inanimate objects...
Here are some of my favorite shots from the day (they look better after you enlarge them):


My dress and sweater are Anthropologie, socks are Target, shoes are Urban Outfitters. The red jacket is Miss Sixty.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Room..

I have spent the past couple of days completely reorganizing and cleaning my bedroom... So, here it is:
Here's my bed.. The comforter is from Target, my mom made the big green pillows, and the small green one is from the world market.
I drew this in my college art class. It's a charcoal drawing of a picture I took in Paris.
The shelves (facing my bed)... I love this part of my room..
Here are some detail shots:
 My grandmother painted the heart shaped box.

If you can't tell I like green... Haha. It's an Irish / green theme. :)

The desk (to the right of my bed):

I LOVE this chair... We found it in my parents' attic and had it reupholstered.
I got the dress form from my parents last year for Valentine's day.
I bought this in Ireland.
I took the pictures in Ireland..
What girl doesn't love a huge mirror?
My mom made the curtains and pillow and the doll is an antique from my grandmother.
The decal over my bed... I bought it on Etsy. Love it!

I had a friend / decorator help me place everything. I hope you like it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

At least I'm getting a lot accomplished....

I am happy to say that my taxes are DONE. It's not even February and they are finished!! After all is said and done, I get a whopping $13 back..... Yay. Maybe I'll buy myself some food... I've also updated my resume' and typed several letters for a non profit organization (made $50!).

I've been cooking.. I had a craving for chili and decided to make it for the first time ever.. Let me tell you, it was AMAZING. Gosh. I can make some gooood chili. Haha.
I also decided to play with new hairstyles and makeup... I recently watched Mamma Mia (it was on TV) and I am in love with Amanda Seyfried's hair.. So I decided to see if I could get something remotely similar to hers:
I did the curls by flipping the skinny barrel curling iron for every couple of inches of my hair (if that makes sense). It took forever but it's a fun new thing..

Here's the eyemakeup:
Please ignore the shiny face... Haha.. I was inspired by this.

Also, I really really really REALLY want these shoes..

My band will be having our first photoshoot on Thursday! Not gonna lie, it's pretty legit.. We have props and outfit changes. Stay tuned for the photos!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Pictures of my Pawpaw

Tomorrow is my grandfather's funeral. It's going to be a military funeral, aka, LOTS of crying. I called him Pawpaw.. His name was H.D. Herndon (the H.D. was short for 'Hansell Devan').  He was my dad's dad.

Anyways, I got the task of putting together the slideshow because, let's face it, the funeral home doesn't to a very good job and they charge $150. 

It's been both amusing and emotional to go through all of the pictures. Here are some of my favorites:
This is my grandparents' wedding picture.. He was 19, she was 18. They just celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary.
This is him when he was in the army. He was drafted just two months after his and my grandmother's wedding. He is in front of the Coliseum in Rome here..
Here's their whole family sometime in the 70s... My dad's the one on the left of Pawpaw.. Stud.
This is my parents' wedding. December 6, 1980. My grandfather officiated.
I just love this picture of him and my mom!
I think this is around 1992... I'm the one with the GIANT bow. My mom made them (my parents are on the left).
This is me with my grandparents (note the bow, again).. My grandpa owned a sailboat when I was growing up.
He baptized my brothers (yes, they're twins).
Here's the whole family (my mom was the photographer) for their 50th anniversary.

Here are several years of Easter pictures:

I love this one of them.
I must say, I love this picture... I took it this past Easter. :)

Hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane. I'm very blessed to have been in his life and am looking forward to seeing him again some day..