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Monday, February 28, 2011


Okay... I am a geek. Let me tell you. My friend Melody and I spent an afternoon at Universal Studios and we spent most of our time at Harry Potter... I was FLIPPING out. We went on the roller coaster / simulator / castle ride twice because it was so freaking awesome. A small part of me was embarrassed at my child-like nerdiness but then I was too excited to care. Please enjoy my pictures and forgive me for my silly poses.
 There it is..
 I love random background people.
 It looks like a real castle... Craaaazy.

 Stinking delicious.
 Hermoine's dress from Goblet of Fire.
 Hagrid's house!
 The train! And I cannot explain my pose.
 The sorting hat!
 Dr. Seuss merry-go-round.
 Jurassic Park
 My new coffee mug!
I love it!!!

If you get a chance to go to Universal Studios, make sure and go to the Harry Potter part of it! The dueling dragons roller coaster was crazy awesome (beware, there are tons of twists and flips) and the simulator inside the castle was so believable. This sounds so dorky, but it really felt like you were flying on broomstick behind Harry Potter... Butterbeer is delicious. It was all worth the crazy crowd.

Okay... This is the end of my geek-fest. :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Date With My Dad

This past Saturday night my dad took me on a date to Biloxi to see Frankie Valli.. If you don't know who he is here are some of his songs: "Grease", "Sherry", "Big Girls Don't Cry", "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", "Oh What A Night", and many more awesome songs from the '60s and '70s..

Here is the outfit:
Dress: Express circa 2006ish; Tuxedo Jacket: Ben Sherman ($15 at Hudson's!!); Shoes: Jessica Simpson
You've gotta love a good hair day. :)
Here are the blessed shoes again (the ones from my dad for Valentine's)..
The self-manicure.

It was great fun. The show was at the Imperial Palace Casino in Biloxi, MS (a little over an hour away from here). We at ate the restaurant at the restaurant, "Tien". Oh my GOSH it was sooooo good.. My dad's brother's girlfriend works at the casino and she comped everything, so we had lobster on the hibachi. :):):)
And here's me and my dad!
Frankie Valli was so cute.. I mean, he's like 76 years old I think. He still has the high voice and at the end of the show all of the old people ran up to the stage to shake his hand. It was hilarious. He had 4 backup singers called "The Four Seasons" and they were all around 30-ish. There was one lady behind us who was really excited for one of them. When they sang "Grease" they took off their jackets and flexed and she started screaming like a maniac. It was quite entertaining..
My hair still looked good at the end of the night! Yay!

Anyways, I am off to Orlando to visit my cousin for a few days! There will be many many MANY pictures taken. :) Have a good week!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Single Awareness Day...

So "Single Awareness Day", as I am calling it at this point in my life, was not as bad as it could have been. (Or as Zachary Levi put it on Twitter today, "Happy Make Single People Like Myself Feel Awkward Day".) I had a nice lazy morning with a breakfast of french press coffee and some almost-burnt bacon. It was a beautiful day today. Clear skies and about 68 degrees. PERFECT.

Here is my outfit for the day.. I decided to kind of dress up.. I mean why not? Just because I'm a single girl does not mean I can't look pretty!! I'm a big fan of making summer dresses work in the cold(ish) weather, so here it is...
All you have to do is add a thin long-sleeved shirt under it and put on some tights and boots and there you go!
The dress is Free People, shirt is from PacSun, Target tights and Gianni Bini boots. (And please note my cat on my bed, haha.)
Here is the details on the top.. I got it this on sale back in August and I LOVE it. It's too pretty for just one season. :)
The boots were 70% off at Dillard's. Makes them even better!
And the eye makeup.

I met with my dad for frozen yogurt at this new restaurant called "Chill"..
Dark chocolate with cookie dough and M&Ms..

Let me tell you my dad is great.. Instead of flowers he bought me SHOES. Seriously, my dad is amazing.
Behold the awesomeness:
 Jessica Simpson. Not a fan of her, but man, the girl can put out some shoes!!!
Aren't they just loveley??! I love how the colors in the platform extend to the heel.
He also got me this lacy vest thing... (please excuse the sweatpants)
 It's from Buckle. It looks very Anthropologie-ish to me.
 The back has beautiful roses on it.
This what it looks like in the back..
Isn't my dad great?!

Well after yogurt with my dad I went to see Gnomeo & Juliet with one of my dearest friends, Alicia. The movie was soooo stinking cute! James McAvoy and Emily Blunt were the voices of the title characters. It was just great. It's very child-friendly but has enough humor to be enjoyable to adults. There are a couple of pretty funny innuendoes hidden in there as well.
After the movie we came back to my place and I made yummy chili and chocolate chip cookies and we watched Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix (her first time to see it).

I hope everyone had a wonderful day! I'm still not going to say the V-word... Teehee....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm still here!

I just realized I haven't posted in February yet... The temporary hiatus was due in part to the job search.

I had my first interview yesterday! I didn't take an actual picture yesterday, but here is what I wore with a few changes:
I went with black tights and purple boots and a black turtle neck under the sweater for the interview... Didn't want to scare them with my eclectic-ness yet but a girl can't go wrong with Anthropologie. :)

My band had our first big show this past Friday night. It went REALLY well! We were there for three hours and we had huge turnout!
This is the only picture I have from the show, it's from someone's cell phone.. I wore a dress, skinny jeans, and some boots.. I'm not gonna lie, it was a great outfit. :) I'll definitely be wearing it again and will post pictures and details.

And is anyone else excited for the Anthropologie wedding line BHLDN?!! I am so glad that I'm not married yet so I can have an Anthropologie wedding (after I find the man, of course). Eeeee!