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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some pictures from the cruise...

I'm slow.. :)

So, the cruise was absolutely fabulous. Such a needed getaway.

Here are some pictures that I took:
Our window... Kind of looks like Steampunk goggles. 
9 on the left were Meghan's, and the 11 on the right were mine... It was a 5 day cruise.. No comment..
This was the night of the captain's dinner.. I wore my favorite Anthropologie dress EVER and a necklace from Clockwork Couture.
Um, we called it our "Ghetto Baby"...

Chichen Itza!
I stand like Peter Pan.
One morning Meghan woke me up to say the sun was in her eyes.. When I got up to close the curtains I saw the incredible sunrise and grabbed my camera for one shot, then fell right back asleep.
Meghan and I from the last night.. I wore my hair extensions.. Great fun!

If you want to check out more photos, check out my flickr album.. (in the sidebar)