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Monday, September 5, 2011

McGraw Family Reunion

So this weekend was my gigantic extended family's cousin reunion. I really mean gigantic.. My great grandmother was the oldest of 13. In the next generation (my grandmother's) there's around 54 people (plus spouses) and in the 3rd generation (my mom's) there are around 105ish people (plus spouses) and then in my generation there are already 60something people.

Every year on Labor day the family gets together in Dothan, Alabama at one of the cousins' houses and it's pretty fantastic. 5 of the original 13 siblings were there.

On Saturday, they had this couple who played a ton of different instruments and were dressed in colonial garb. I got to play is violin.. It was fun. :)
His name was Chuck. He was excellent. 

Creepy face on a tree...

I also found some gems in the old family albums:
1989. Yes, that is my mother in the middle with the poodle hair.
From left to right: random cousin (ha), my mom, my aunt Teresa, my dad, and my uncle Keith.
1993, I believe (the year before my brothers were born).. I'm the one in the front on the far left with the ginormous bow.

Little Whit helping put the chairs away.

The horse, I mean dog, Rudy

The kids all went out and had a mud fight in the river... I missed out on that one. OH well.

Baby Chloebelle.. Her feet didn't quite touch the ground in her walker. Haha.

My great-great uncle Joel giving a devotional on Sunday before lunch.

And the McGraw family wall. HUGE family.

I hope everyone else had an excellent Labor Day weekend! 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great Labor Day Weekend! I love family gatherings. Hope your upcoming week is just as great!!

Katy said...

It was an excellent Labor Day weekend! Huge family gatherings are always hilarious in my family. Haha. :)