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Monday, September 26, 2011

Almost Recovered..

So last weekend was my friend's wedding. At this point I think I am finally (almost) recovered from it. Haha.. Her day was exactly how she wanted it. It was absolutely perfect for her. My favorite part was when the doors opened up for her, her *now* husband had tears streaming down his face. It was so sweet.
My hair
My bouquet
Me with the Mr. & Mrs.
Eating the cake... So funny story.. The photographers took their rings to place them on top of the champagne bottle to take a few pictures. Well, the champagne decided to pop with the rings on top and the rings went flying. Hers was found right away but they couldn't find his anywhere. They FINALLY look at the cake, and lo and behold, his ring had buried itself in the cake. The piece that they cut to eat had his ring in it so it was kind of like a king cake. He got the prize piece! Hahaha..
This is what we put on the back of their car. :)
I caught the bouquet!.. Meghan kept looking backwards so she could aim right at me. Haha.
The flowergirl (bride's niece) helping us clean up afterwards.
 That's all the pictures I have of the wedding... I'm in another one in March. Hopefully I'll be fully recovered from this one in time for that one. ;)

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