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Monday, October 10, 2011

Whoa 25.

Last Monday was my 25th birthday.

It started out how most birthdays start out now-a-days - with about 100 facebook posts. Thanks, facebook, for making me feel special for a day. Haha.

So I got to work, only to find out that my coworkers forgot my birthday. With just three people in my office regularly, I was a bit bummed. After a couple of hours, one of my coworkers who doesn't work on Mondays, called in and sang to me over the phone. It was at the point that my boss overheard and she freaked out and ran out of the office in a tizzy. Meanwhile, my dad sent me my 25 pink roses to work:

So, after a little while, my coworker takes me to our other office where this is waiting for me:

After work I headed to the parents' for dinner. Oh man was it good.

And, my parents surprised me with an iPad. I was so blown away and blessed!

The day after my birthday, I did this:

I'm kind of obsessed with it.

This weekend is the extended celebration, and I'm going to go visit cousins in Orlando and flip out at Universal again. I can't wait! Have a great week!

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